Chia-Ling Chen

Current Research

University of California Los Angeles, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


University of Minnesota
September 2009-August 2010

Northeastern University (NU)
Ph.D, Electrical and Computer Engineering, August 2009

National Taiwan University (NTU)
M.S,Institute of Electronics Engineering,June 2003

National Chung Hsing University (NCHU)
B.S, Physics,June 2001


C-L Chen, K. Kim, Q.Truong, A Shen, and Y. Chen; A Spiking Neuron Circuit Based on Acarbon Nanotube Transistor Nanotechnology 1-6 (2012)

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C.-L. Chen, E. Lopez, J.-J. Jung, S. Müftü, S. Selvarasah, and M. R. Dokmeci, "Mechanical and Electrical Evaluation of Parylene-C Encapsulated Carbon Nanotube Networks on a Flexible Substrate", Applied Physics Letters, vol. 93, 093109, 2008.

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Contact Information

44-116C Engineering IV
420 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Phone: 617-955-0301